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It’s easy to become a member of the Topsham Historical Society.  Complete the short membership form, including your email address which we promise to keep top secret, and you will begin to receive monthly notices of the programs and tours hosted by the Society, as well as the occasional notice of offerings by our collaborators and other local historical societies.  There are no membership dues.  We do “pass the hat” at the close of each of our free public presentations, and those voluntary contributions allow us to pay guest speakers who request a modest fee or honorarium.
How do we manage with so little funding?  We have no museum or other buildings to maintain.  We have no paid staff.  And, thanks to the gracious generosity of the Topsham Public Library, our free presentations are held in the library’s Community Room without charge to us.  Any ephemera or other artifacts related to Topsham’s history which are given to THS are researched, copied if appropriate, and then placed in the archives of the Town of Topsham, a climate-controlled space located in the basement of the Topsham Municipal Building.
In addition to monthly (September through November, and January through June) presentations, periodically we host walking tours of different historic neighborhoods in Topsham, as well as through our local cemeteries where some of Topsham’s more famous…and infamous…citizens now rest in peace.

We invite you to join us as we celebrate Topsham’s past, and the people who lived it.

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